Sunday 140727


Event Day

Each event is for time, max weight, or max distance –

Event 1 — 100′ tire flip @ 2x body weight or more

Event 2 — 150′ farmer’s carry @ body weight

Event 3 — 1RM axle clean and press

Event 4 — Max distance atlas stone carry (any position allowed) as heavy as possible

NOTE – Unlimited warm up sets but only one actual work set…pretend you are in a competition. You may rest as needed between events

Strongman Sunday morning classes start this Sunday!

Who can come? Anyone with a PCF membership, no extra cost.

When is class? Starting this Sunday 0830 to 0930

What will class be like and why Strongman? Classes will run like a normal PCF Class with some Strongman movements. You do not have to be the Strongest Man (or Woman) to come to these classes or use Strongman movements. We will be using Strongman movements in conjunction with foundational movements (squats, presses, and deadlifts); Strongman movements are highly functional in their application, as well as fun and challenging for all levels. You will see improvement in your strength, particularly maximum effort lifts, as well as your general physical preparedness in workouts.

So, if flipping a tire, seeing how far you can get in farmer’s carry, walking with a yolk, pulling a sled or lifting an atlas stone while performing normal CF movements sounds like fun, then I encourage you to come out and give Strongman a try!
Mollie K