Sunday 140824

Weighted Pull Up

Option One : Deadlift “Kalsu”
5 burpees to start each minute
AMRAP Deadlifts for the balance of the minute
Repeat this process for 100 deadlifts or 20 minutes…whichever comes first
Men @ 2x BWT
Women @ 1.5x BWT
Scale as needed. Post loads, time, and/or total reps to comments.

Option Two: “Gomez”
5 rounds with rest in between rounds. Each barbell cluster counts for a single round. No drops of the barbell allowed. You must increase the load on every set. Once you lift the barbell for the first clean you cannot dump it until you finish the split jerk. That completes your round. Increase weight, rest, and hit it again.
1 high hang squat clean
1 low hand squat clean
1 full squat clean (from the floor)
1 push press
1 high hang squat clean
1 low hand squat clean
1 full squat clean (from the floor)
1 push jerk
1 high hang squat clean
1 low hand squat clean
1 full squat clean (from the floor)
1 split jerk
Post loads on each round to comments.

Sunday 140817

Bench 1

Option One: Double Kettle Bell Swings

For Time

150 Double KB swings to eye level

7 burpee penalty for every drop

Men use 53, 62, or 70 pound KB’s per hand

Womens 35, 44, or 53 pound KB’s per hand

Post loads and times to comments.

Double Kettle Bell Swing


Option Two: “Death by Yoke Carry”

Start with an empty yoke and carry it 50′

Every minute on the minute add 30 pounds to the yoke and carry it 50′. Continue this process until you fail.

Post final weight to comments.

“The Yoke” with Rob Orlando



Sunday 140810


Choose between these two WODs:

Option One:

Warm Up: 4 Round Tabata – Row for meters, sledge swings, hollow rocks, 10m sprint

Strength: 20 Barbell bench press at body weight plus or minus 15-20 lbs then 50 DB bench press at 1/4 body weight per hand (Women 70%)

METCON: “Any Way How”

100 DB or KB Snatch

75 Weighted Hand Release Pushups

50 Ring Dips

*You may partition as needed

Option Two:

Warm Up: 1k RUN then 30 swings, 15 strict pull-ups, 30 lunges

Strength: Stone load for max reps in 30 sec or at least 5 reps x 3 rds w/ 90 sec rest

METCON: 12-9-6-3

Stones to Shoulder

Muscle Ups

*Scale is double the reps with pull-ups

Sunday 140803

Castro tire flip

5 rounds

Every THIRD minute on the minute complete the following –

10 x dumbbell burpee clean and press @ 50/35 pounds per hand

Movement starts by picking up the dumbbells. Complete a burpee while holding the dumbbells. Once you are standing upright clean and press the dumbbells to the overhead position.

My fastest set of 10 reps was 1:18 in the fourth round. If you finish your set of 10 in 1:35 you have 1:25 to rest until you start your next set of 10(start every 3rd minute for 5 rounds).

Post loads and times per round to comments.