Sunday 150503

Strict Press 5-5-5-5

1-on-1 Skill Work:
Keg Clean & Press

“Christine Gone Wild”
Row 500m
12 Tire Flips
21 Box Jumps (24/20)

Buy-in:  At any point during the WOD, perform a 150′ sled pull.  150′ is from the end of the building to the white arrow on the ground in the bank drive-through and back.

Sunday 150426

200m DB Farmers Carry AHAP (as heavy as possible–aim for 70s/50s), then
Bench Press 5-5-5-5

“Yoke Total”
This is a strongman benchmark WOD which we will retest from time to time so be sure to keep track of your scores.  Many individuals prefer to wear their lifting belt when doing this.

Overhead yoke carry x 50′
Zercher yoke carry x 50′
Traditional yoke carry x 50′

Build up to a 1 RM in the order listed for each style carry.  No drops allowed.  Your score is the total weight of your 3 best carries.  Rest as needed between efforts and movements.

Half of the class will start with the Yoke Total while the other half will start with the strength portion of the class.

Sunday 150419

Strict Press 3-3-3-3

Skill Work:
Atlas Stone Lifts
Video: Danielle Atlas Stone Lift

Team WOD
15 Min AMRAP —
100ft Atlas Stone Carry, then 50ft Bear Crawl and 50ft run / 30 second Weighted Plank Hold

Teams of two.  50ft is redline to redline.  You may carry the stone any way how but try to carry it on your shoulder.

Partner 1 places the plate on Partner 2’s back and then performs a 100’ atlas stone carry followed by a bear crawl/run while Partner 2 holds a 30 second weighted plank hold and then rests.  Then Partner 2 will perform the carry and bear crawl/run while Partner 1 holds a 30 second weighted plank hold.

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Sunday 150412

Bench Press 3-3-3-3

Skill Work:
Tire Flips (I prefer wearing long-sleeved t-shirts when doing these)
Video: Fahran flipping 380, 400, & 465# tires

For Time, Complete —
400m Plate or Tire Run (45/25)
15 Tire Flips
12 DB Box Step Ups (24/20 w/ 35s/25s)
200m Plate or Tire Run (45/25)
12 Tire Flips
9 DB Box Step Ups (24/20 w/ 35s/25s)
400m Plate or Tire Run (45/25)

*Scale as needed