Sunday 160703

Bring a deck of cards with you if you have them today!!!

Class goes from 9:30-11:00 today!!

Bring Sally Up (95/135)*

*Scale as needed.  

“Strongman Deck of Cards WOD”  — Class Choice
Clubs = ?
Diamonds = ?
Hearts = Atomic Situps (because I love them!) (45/25)
Spades = ?
Joker = 200m Run
Face cards = 10 reps

Sunday 160626

Class Announcement: July 3rd PCF Strongman class goes 9:30-11:00

a.) 200m DB Farmers Carry AHAP (as heavy as possible–aim for 70s/50s), then Bench Press 3-3-3-3
b.) Establish a 1RM unbroken forward sled pull x 50′
     50 is redline to redline.

50’ Tire Flips AHAP
200m Pinch Grip Plate Run (15s/10s)
10 American KB Swings (70/53)