Sunday 170430

a.) 200m DB Farmers Carry AHAP (as heavy as possible–aim for 70s/50s), then Bench Press 20-15-10 (same weight for all sets)
b.) Establish a 1RM unbroken forward sled drag x 50′
     50 is redline to redline. 

Partner WOD*
3 RFT–
100’ Tire Flip (alternate flips)
20 Pushups each
100’ Tire Flip back the other way (alternate flips)
25 hammer strikes with sledgehammer (partition however you like)
50 Double Unders (or 100 Single Unders) each

*Scale as needed

Sunday 170423

a.) 200m DB Farmers Carry AHAP (as heavy as possible–aim for 70s/50s), then Bench Press 3-3-3-3
b.) Establish a 1RM unbroken backward sled drag x 50′
     50 is redline to redline. 

1-on-1 Skill Work:
Log Press

Skill Work:
Atlas Stone Lifts

Team WOD
15 Min AMRAP —
100ft Atlas Stone Carry, then 50ft Bear Crawl and 50ft run / 30 second Weighted Plank Hold

Teams of two.  50ft is redline to redline.  You may carry the stone any way how but try to carry it on your shoulder.

Partner 1 places the plate on Partner 2’s back and then performs a 100’ atlas stone carry followed by a bear crawl/run while Partner 2 holds a 30 second weighted plank hold and then rests.  Then Partner 2 will perform the carry and bear crawl/run while Partner 1 holds a 30 second weighted plank hold.

*Scale as needed

Sunday 170409

Class Announcement:  No class next Sunday, April 16th (Easter Sunday)

Bench Press 3-3-3-3

For time, with a partner(s), complete–
35 (heavier tires)/50 (lighter tires) tire flips
After each tire flip, complete 1 tire jump, plus 3 push-ups from tire

Every 5 min, run 1 lap around the building with a pinch grip on the plate(s) (15/10)

Sunday 170402

Class Announcement:  No class Easter Sunday, April 16th

a.) 50′ overhead barbell walk
Start at 65#, up by 10# each minute until you fail
b.) “Back Squat Party
EMOTM complete 2 back squats from a rack (75/135)
Add 10s per minute up to 225/135 pounds.
Then add 5s per minute until you cannot complete the 2 reps.

EMOTM 16 Minutes*
50ft Farmers Carry @ 2 x KBs (AHAP)
10 x Push Ups
15 x Air Squats

*Scale as needed