Sunday 150927

Good luck to Joe A., John S., and Kira M. at the Festivus Games!!

Strict Press 3-3-3-3

a.) Dead, Deader, Deadest (October 2015 Festivus Games WOD #2)
Max-rep deadlifts in 30 seconds separated by 1 minute 30 seconds rest x 3

0:00-0:30  Max deadlift reps
0:30-2:00  Rest (load stays the same)
2:00-2:30  Max deadlift reps
2:30-4:00  Rest (load stays the same)
4:00-4:30  Max deadlift reps

Choose a weight from 35# to 215# (275# for Male Intermediate division only) for three 30-second all-out efforts.  Weight chosen should remain the same for all three rounds.  Try to choose a weight where your reps will be about the same for all three rounds.  Score is total reps x weight.

**Rest 10 minutes**  Change weight out and set up for WODs B & C during this time

b.) IHOP Lose Your Lunch Special (October 2015 Festivus Games WOD #3)

Plate-hop burpees (45/25) (both feet must touch the plate at the same time, no stepping up onto the plate)
Plate overhead reverse lunges (45/25)

Round 1 starts with 12 of each movement of this triplet, then 10 of each and so on.  Aim to complete this WOD within 10 minutes.  15 minute cut-off.

**5 minutes of rest starts on the clock once the last athlete finishes the above WOD**

c.) Maximum B.S. (October 2015 Festivus Games Floater WOD)

Back squats from the rack – Max reps in 2 minutes
Male (135/95)
Female (95/65)

The barbell starts on the rack at 3-2-1 go.  Athletes may re-rack the bar during the 2 minutes but the bar cannot touch the ground at all.  If the bar touches the ground for any reason the WOD is finished and the reps completed at that point is the score.  Reps do not have to be unbroken.

Sunday 150913

200m DB Farmers Carry AHAP (as heavy as possible–aim for 70s/50s), then
Strict Press 5-5-5-5

Skill Work:
Establish a 1RM Log Clean & Press
Establish a 3RM Axle Clean & Press (touch and go)

Build up to a 1RM yoke carry x 50′

50′ is redline to redline.  Many individuals prefer to wear their lifting belt when doing yoke carries. 

Sunday 150830

Bench Press 3-3-3-3
MetCon: Event Day

Event 1
Max reps tire flips AHAP in 90 seconds

Event 2
Max time crucifix hold @ 25 pound db’s*

Event 3
Max time farmer’s handle DB holds AHAP

Event 4
Max reps stone to shoulder AHAP in 90 seconds

Post loads, times, and reps to comments.
*Scale as needed

Sunday 150809

a.) Strict Press 2-2-2-2-2 (work up to your heaviest set of 2)

b.) Establish a 1RM backwards sled drag x 50′
     50′ is redline to redline.

2015 CrossFit Games Individual Event #11–
“Midline Madness”
***25 minute cut-off***

6 RFT:
400m Run
50′ Yoke Carry (380/300)

*Scale as needed

Check out the CF Games Athletes’ scores here:

Sunday 150802

Brunch after class @ Liberty Tavern today!!

Bench Press 3-3-3-3

“Rat Bastard”
30 Minutes of the following–
Start a clock and do each task as quickly as possible.

At the top of the first minute—75 feet of burpee broad jumps

At the top of the second minute—3 Atlas Stones to Shoulder (116/93//73/42)

At the top of the third minute—6 DB thrusters

Repeat this pattern for 30 minutes.  If you finish the burpee broad jumps in 18 seconds you have 42 seconds to rest before doing the stone to shoulder.

Weight on the DB’s should be 25% of body weight per hand (So, if you weigh 200#, you would use 50# DBs).

Post loads and thoughts to comments.